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  • Price on label - ensure the coffee you drink is economically sustainable

    Today we are taking another step in the direction of transparency, publishing the FOB-price for the coffee on every label, on every package of coffee we are sending out. FOB is the price of the coffee at the port at origin, before being shipped to us in Europe. We are sharing this, so you, as a consumer know what we have paid to the country that produced the coffee. The same measurement is used on the commercial market. At this time there are many coffee farmers going out of business due to the coffee price crisis, and we want to...

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  • C-market price for Arabica coffee under one dollar a pound

    Sustainability is a broad word and an ongoing thing. Few coffees are fully sustainable in every aspect, but with a focus on sustainability, we can step by step make things better. One thing we, as a buyer, can impact the most is the payment for the producer. We can pay more for coffee. This is an ongoing process as a steady working model for both parties, but it is not overpricing or charity. However, as a green coffee buyer, there are situations where I chose not to buy a tasty coffee because 1) we, as a fairly small buyer, can't change the working...

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  • Hållbar kaffehandel enligt Drop Coffee

    Drop Coffee vill ge insyn i alla led i kaffeproduktionen, och en del av det är att visa hur vi tillsammans med våra råkaffespårare prissätter kaffe och hur mycket bonden faktiskt får betalt. Vi tror på att synligöra detta för att visa på hur vårt och ert arbete bidrar till en mer hållbar värld. I det här blogginlägget följer ett prisexempel baserat på Colombia 2014. Detta är siffror som är aktuella idag, vi tror på hur vi arbetar med den här modellen för att konstant öka den högsta nivån och betala producenterna mer för sitt ursprung. Vår strävan är att...

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