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  • Transparency report

    Here is the 2019 transparency report in full. This is mainly for producers being able to see how we are buying and for you as our customers to get an insight. The end goal is not for every customer to understand the data, but to spark conversations about why we need to pay more for coffee. This is the same reason why every single package that gone out of our roastery since August 2019 has the FOB price published on the label.  The current market price for coffee is less than the production cost, an equation that doesn’t add up...

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  • C-market price for Arabica coffee under one dollar a pound

    Sustainability is a broad word and an ongoing thing. Few coffees are fully sustainable in every aspect, but with a focus on sustainability, we can step by step make things better. One thing we, as a buyer, can impact the most is the payment for the producer. We can pay more for coffee. This is an ongoing process as a steady working model for both parties, but it is not overpricing or charity. However, as a green coffee buyer, there are situations where I chose not to buy a tasty coffee because 1) we, as a fairly small buyer, can't change the working...

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