About Drop Coffee

Drop Coffee was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2009 as a coffee bar by Mariatorget, focusing on serving tasty coffee. We started roasting our own coffee in the back of the shop in 2010, on a wee one-kilo roaster. We started roasting for other wholesale customers in 2012, when we moved into a proper roastery with a 25-kilo roaster. We are selling beans to several wholesale customers as well as to private people over the internet, worldwide! Kalita has been supplying us with our favourite brewing supplies since 2013, when Drop became the Kalita supplier of Sweden. We are serving coffee and ¨fika¨ at our café at Mariatorget on a daily basis, you can try a Kalita brewed by SP9 (beans of your choice), a batch brew or an espresso based drink with the Brew of the Day.

Where to buy our coffee
On the web

Ordering can be done from the page labelled Beans

Wholesale orders
Drop an email to info@dropcoffee.se for wholesale enquiries and prices. We are roasting daily for our wholesale orders and shipping worldwide. 

Drink our coffee or purchase beans off the shelf
At our café,  Drop Coffee at Mariatorget or at our wholesale partners around the world

Raw coffee buying and sustainability
We're travelling to visit every producer we're buying from. Through the sustainability lawyer Parul Sharma we have written up internal guidelines and checklists we are working with in our coffee buying. 

Our origins of focus are mainly Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia and Kenya. These are our focus countries that we are working with the most. We're crafting to perfection our preferred taste profile and maintaining our ethical business model with the producers. 

Flavour and roasting style 
Drop Coffee has a flavour vision of a clear taste profile where the origin of the cup should shine through. We like to present as much of the coffees' acidity and sweetness as possible in the cup. Some coffee will be more acidic and juicy - and some creamy and chocolatey - depending on the origin, but all the coffees are roasted for clarity. The coffee has a light to medium roast profile, suitable for all brewing methods. 

Our Crew
Joanna Alm and Stephen Leighton are the owners of the company, with a current crew of 11 baristas, course instructor, wholesale managers and roasters. 

Part of our work is to attend competitions, such as the Roasting Championship, where our managing director, Joanna Alm, for several years have become Swedish champions and been placed second in the World Roasting Championship. Since 2009 we've been winning several titles, listed below.

World Roasters Championship
— 3rd place 2014
— 2nd place 2015
— 4th place 2016

Swedish Roasters Championship
— Winners 2014
— Winners 2016

White Guide
— Coffee Bar of the year 2014
— Coffee Bar of the year 2015

Swedish Latte Art Championship
— Winners 2013
— Winners 2014

Swedish Brewers Championship
— Winners 2013
— Winners 2014

Swedish Barista Championship
— Winners 2011
— Winners 2013
— Winners 2015