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      • The scissor experiment - Alasitas Gesha

        There are many experiments in processing specialty coffee at the moment. This coffee is lactic processed, which is highly interesting. But there is another experiment, underneath this, that excites us even more; how the coffee has been removed from the branch of the coffee plant and harvested without breaking the...

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      • Transparency Report 2020

        Sustainability builds on the three pillars economy, agricultural and social. To be near sustainable, all of these three pillars need to be actively updated to standards year on year. Without one of the pillars, sustainability is unachievable. And I can tell you for sure, that nor agricultural or social will be looked after if we are not paying the real costs of the production. I think coffee prices should be even higher and Drop Coffee's ongoing goal is to pay more and more every year. The average price we paid for coffee based on the total 55864 lb (25 393 kilos) of coffee we bought in 2020 was 3.81 US$ per lb (pound) which is about 8.4 US$ per kilo. The average price over all coffees we bought from all farms was 6.13 USD per lb or 13.5 US$ per kilo. The average years of working with a farm were five years in 2020. All of the producers we have visited and know well. 

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