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  • Tips for the Coffee Roasting Championship

    I represented Sweden in the World Coffee Roasting Championships last week in Rimini. Previous years I have placed second, third and fourth and there was no secret I wanted to bring home the gold to Sweden this time. I did not achieve that. A week after the competition, I am proud of my performance and that I gave myself the foundations to potentially do well in the World Coffee Roasting Championships.  I spent a lot of time preparing for the WCRC this year, in particular last few months. I practiced on the competition machine, studied green coffee defects, practiced the full run through to find...

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  • Årsresumé 2014

    Nyårsdagens eftermiddag 2015. 2014 var ett år i så högt tempo och med sådana framgångar att det enda som möjligtvis saknades var tid för reflektion. Det var Drop Coffees mest framgångsrika år hittills - sverigemästare i bryggning och rostning, tredje bästa kafferostare i världen, årets kaffebar 2014 och med kaffe som smakat bättre än någonsin. Nyårsdagen, en dag för eftertanke, sipprandes på en syltig kopp Buesaco från Narino i Colombia. Jag känner stolthet över året som har gått och trygghet inför året som komma skall. Vi är ett år rikare, ett år bättre och har en massa glöd för det...

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  • Third best roaster in the world and how to become even better

    This was the first year that the World Coffee Roasting Championship was organized in Sweden and I, Joanna, was proud to take home the prize, considering the many great roasters competing. Among those was my great friend, Christian Gullbrandsson, from daMatteo, who came third and who I brought along as coach to the the world championship.  The world championships were held in Rimini, Italy, and lasted for three days, the first of which was about analysing raw coffee (picking out defects and categorizing these, measure moisture and degree of colour of the green and roasted coffee) and sample roasting the...

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