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  • Leaf rust, Bolivia and articles

    These days we're in the Swedish media about the climate changes and leaf rust. We're currently in Bolivia, visiting the producers and tasting this harvest where the leaf-rust hit the country really hard three years ago. It takes a lot of support and structure to come back and you need to consistently work with it. On top of this Bolivia has legalised growing cocaine plant, which is easier to grow. We're working in a project called Sol de Mañana that is currently helping 30 farmers to fight leaf rust and improve quality and quantity. The farmers are getting theory and technical support and help to...

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  • New coffee from Bolivia - Collasuyo

    "We are very happy to work with Daniela and Pedro Rodriguez in Bolivia. Bolivia a country struggling with both poverty and leafrust, this is means that farm volumes low and the makes paying the producers properly extremely important. Working together with Daniela and Pedro we are supporting their program Sol de Mañana which is educating the farmers in treatments   for leafrust and a higher price they can achieve for  higher quality." /Joanna Alm, Head roaster  In the small colony of Collasuyo in Caranavi region Nicolas Calque and his wife Maruja are doing a careful job at their process station....

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