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  • The scissor experiment - Alasitas Gesha

    There are many experiments in processing specialty coffee at the moment. This coffee is lactic processed, which is highly interesting. But there is another experiment, underneath this, that excites us even more; how the coffee has been removed from the branch of the coffee plant and harvested without breaking the coffee cherries structure. Instead of picking the coffee by hand, this method involves cutting them off the branch, cherry by cherry, using scissors. We are not saying this is the direction to go, it is purely an experiment on how to increase the highest level of coffee even more.  You...

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  • New Release: Bolivia

    The fresh crop Bolivia has arrived to the roastery and we're now releasing our first few coffees - one from Gerardo Escobars farm and two small lots from Rodriguez own farms Alasitas and La Linda; one Geisha and one Java. Below is some general information about coffee production on Bolivia and an introduction of our producer called Sicafe belonging to Pedro Rodriguez and his daughter Daniela and son Pedro-Pablo. I have to start by saying that I have fallen in love with Bolivia, the people, the country and their coffee. Bolivia’s high altitude (the coffee growing altitude in Caranavi is 1500-2200 mail in Caranavi), the breath-taking nature, the coffee history, and the quality of the cup with its clear taste profile makes it a...

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