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  • Adola Extra, Ethiopia

    Flavour profile: A very sweet, juicy cup and a little bit funky with notes of blueberries and a hint of dried raspberries and passionfruit. A lingering aftertaste of bergamot.Colour: Dark blueCategory: Adventurous Producer: Israel Degfa, of the company KerchanseWashing Station: Adola. A privately owned, communal washing station. The number of delivering farmers: about 2000 smallholding with an average of 1-2 hectares per farm. Harvested: December to January 2021Varietal: Indigenous local varietalsProcessing: Natural processedArea: Guji Zone in the Oromia region Altitude: 2100 maslRoast Style: Light to medium to enhance the light, juicy mouthfeel with loads of fruity and floral notes.   Why a primary school is needed at Adola When you visit Ethiopia, what you remember the very most is all of the children....

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