Our choice of milk

As apart of our work in ecological sustainability, we have a new choice of cows' milk at the café; Roslagsmjölk, and Havredal for vegan option. 

The cows' milk is from four farms in Roslagen, where the cows are allowed to roam freely all year round and are given the opportunity to express their natural behaviors as well as graze grass and herbs on the valuable natural lands.

The cows are fed by locally produced fodder and the farm is both Organic certified and approved
by KRAV. The milk we find working well is 3% fat, sweet and creamy, yet you can really taste the coffee flavour through the cup. We love a single cappuccino with the Roslagsmjölk, it will be served with all coffee and (cow) milk beverages of course!

The four farms the coffee comes from are: 
1. The family Åkesson in Barkö, Östhammar
2. The family Hansson in Ånö, Östhammar
3. The family Hansson in Väddika, Östhammar
4. The family Reinsson in Senneby, på Väddö, Norrtälje

You can read more about Roslagsmjölk's homepage

We are proud to start working with Havredals for vegan milk option, located in our neighbor town Uppsala. Havredal’s oats is fully grown and produced in Sweden and the company is owned by Havredal, independently by SLU Swedish Agricultural University and ALMI. As always, we wish the raw product to do the work, Havredal’s milk has a very high content of oats and is free from emulsifiers and stabilizers, letting the very high content of oats and the wet grinding process give the body and sweetness we are looking for in our vegan coffee drinks.

Read more on Havredal's homepage

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Our roastery is located in Rosersbergs Industrial Area, a five-minute drive from Rosersberg train station. We have been roasting all our coffee on our turquoise 25 kilos Diedrich, since 2013.