• NEW: #shestheroaster t-shirts

    You can now buy the #shestheroaster t-shirt to support the non-profit-organisation with their work to increase the diversity of the roasting community. #shestheroaster is a grassroots organisation, built to promote and encourage more female-identifying persons in the coffee industry to become professional coffee roasters. 

    You find it under "Merchandise" on our page to buy the t-shirt. 

    Drop Coffee has the European distribution of the #shestheroaster t-shirt. All the money for the t-shit will go, without any cuts, towards events and courses held by #shestheroaster to learn and encourage more female into the craft of roasting. For orders of more than 10 t-shirts or wholesale please contact us at . Sizes and colours are limited. 

    Drop Coffees Managing Director Joanna Alm part-founder of #shestheroaster and we decided to distribute the t-shirt free of cost from Drop Coffee to Europe.  

    #Shestheroaster at Roasters Camp in Poznan, Polen, October 2017. 

    Goals of #Shestheroaster

    • Increase the diversity of the roasting community
    • Offer financial assistance to female-identified roasters for roasting courses
    • Offer financial assistance to female-identified roasters to become instructors
    • Create safe spaces for female-identifying persons and allies in the industry.
    • Foster a mentorship program/network 

    Read more on the #shestheroaster homepage : .

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