Future is female - 25% discount on Finca Nejapa on International Womens Day

“Women are now equally educated than, often higher,  in almost every corner of the world. However, many young females carrier ends when the school finish.” (DN, 8/3-17). Therefor we’re trying to lift female businesses around the world. Today everyone ordering Finca Nejapa from Gloria Rodrigues will get a 25% discount, at the cafe and in the webshop.  Use the code #futureisfemale up until midnight, both on 1000g and 250g boxes. 

Picture source: http://pin.it/zQ6XSg1
Article source: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/sverige/saco-ny-foraldraforsakring-kan-ge-jamstallda-loner/


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Our roastery is located in Rosersbergs Industrial Area, a five-minute drive from Rosersberg train station. We have been roasting all our coffee on our turquoise 25 kilos Diedrich, since 2013.