San Cayetano, El Salvador

”This was one of last year’s favourites at Mathias Dahlgren’s restaurants in Stockholm, but will be available for all customers this year also being the only natural processed coffee of the year. With it’s big, mature character we’ve chosen it to be the Christmas coffee 2016.” Joanna Alm, Drop Coffee

Rafael is almost working too much and too hard at the processing station, but turnout at the processing station is also of a higher standard than we've seen in El Salvador, e.g they have a separate room for the crew to sit and have lunch and rules about washing their hands and hygiene around the coffee. Staff onsite also turn the coffee only by hand, log the moisture at different stages of the drying process, and have access to a great cupping lab with well trained crew in taste and routines. 

Carmen is doing the logistics not only for our purchase, but also for other farmers for whom they process. This coffee is from Carmen and Rafaels own farm, San Cayetano. It’s located in extremely steep and windy conditions where the leaves simply blow off the trees, making them weaker and less productive. The neighbours to San Cayetano are suffering badly from leaf rust which easy can be transfered to the plants at San Cayetano by wind. Because of these reasons, the yield is also a lot lower than the potential has been on the farm and Rafael and Carmen are therefor focusing primary on building more windbreakers and to look after the plants extra carefully and often to save as much as they can of the crop.

Producer  Rafael and Carmen Silva Hoff
Farm: San Cayetano
Region: Ahuachapán , Santa Ana
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Picked: April 2016
Elevation: 1550 masl. 
Flavour description: Mature character with high sweetness and big body. Notes of cranberry, pulp and strawberry.

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