Juan David Cordona La Conchita, Colombia

The young producers are the future of coffee in many ways. It's the second year we're buying the coffee from Juan David Cordona. He is only 22 years old, extremely driven and keen to succeed in specialty coffee. Last year Juan David's expiration of 490 on kilo to us was his first ever expiration. His first jute bag he on his wall. 

About Juan David Cordona 
This is a first for us at Drop, working in the up and coming and exciting area of Antioquia in Colombia. A change of flavour profile and direction from our normal Colombians from Huila and Tolima. Antioquia is typically known for large coffee estates serving the commercial grade market, and this is still much the case. However, things are changing as the younger generation is beginning to take over the production.

Juan David Cordona is a part of a group of producers our green coffee bye Nordic Approach are working with in just Antioquia. Juan is experimental and driven and looking at coffee production in this region with a bit of a new perspective. His farm he has chosen to name Finca La Conchita. 

This coffee is the latest harvest of coffee from Antioquia, harvested in November 2016. The coffee cherries are handpicked and dry-fermentated for 36 hours. After that the coffee is washed and floaters and damaged cherries and are being separated. The coffee is then rinsed in clean water before removing what's left of the mucilage. The coffee is drying on raised up drying table with shade, which makes the drying time quite longer and takes between 15 to 20 days depending on the weather.

Producer: Juan David Cordona

Location: Cuidad Bolivar, Antioquia Colombia
Varietal: Caturra and Varied Colombia

Picking period: November 2016
Sourced by: Nordic Approach
Elevation: 1900 masl
Processing: Fully Washed with a dry fermentation
Flavour description: Clear and acidity driven cup. The mouthfeel is juicy with light to medium body. Notes of gooseberry and plums.  



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