El Sunzita - Yellow Bourbon, El Salvador

”El Sunzita is a great example of driven producers that are putting in the extra work to higher the quality Mauricio Ortiz and Mary Ortiz are looking at their microclimate and trying to work the most organic they can in an area suffering hard from leafrust. The location of the farm and the view is something else and one of the most beautiful farms I’ve visited.” /Joanna Alm, Head roaster, Drop Coffee

El Sunzita, belongs to Mauricio and his wife Mary. They aquired the land through family. Mauricio brother is owning the sur- rounding co ee growing area (200 manzanas) around El Sunzita, called El Sunza. El Sunzita used to be one of the farms delivering coffee to El Sunza and their coffee got blended with all the other coffee at El Sunza.

A few years back Mauricius, who’s also an agronomist, noticed that the main varie- tal at El Sunzita was a hybrid of Bourbon that wasn’t found on the rest of El Sunza. On their 16 manzanas they now have a beautiful nursery and a small scale pulper. Their daughter and sons are getting more and more involved in the business, Mauricio is managing the farm and Mary is doing the economy and logistics for the buisness. The varietals growing on the farm; Hybrid from El Pasti, Yellow Bourbon and Pacas, have all been separated for us and will be available this summer/fall. 

Producer: Mauricio Ortiz and Mary Ortiz
Region: El Pasti, Santa Ana
Varietal: Yellow Bourbon
Harvest:February- March 2016
Elevation: 1200 masl
Processing: Fully Washed
Flavour Description: The Yellow Bourbon gives a sweet and balanced cup with notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and ripe red apple.

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