Vincent Paye, Bolivia - Christmas Coffee


"I went on my first origin to Bolivia this August together with my new business partner Stephen who’s been working there for a long time. I’ve always wanted to work with Bolivian coffee for the taste profile of the coffee, visiting the country and the producer had quickly made this one of my top most important origins to work with." 
Joanna Alm, Head roaster 

In the small town of Copacabana in the Caranavi region Vincent Paye and his family is doing a very precise job at their farm. In Bolivia in general, and Caranavi in particular, the coffee production has been heavy reduced, both due to leaf rust and lack of support from the government. Many of the farms have been abandoned and farmers are seeing bigger profit in growing the cocaine plant. Vincent Paye is doing the exact opposite. Together with the exporters Daniella and Pedro Rodriguez he’s been working with Stephen for many years. To quote his young teenage daughter "This can be the future, increasing quality and taking care of the agriculture, hence more money and a better local environment. "

Vincent Paye Drop Coffee


Producer: Vincent Paye
Location: Copacabana in the Caranavi region

Varietal: Caturra
Process station: Agria Café, belonging to the exporters Daniella and Pedro Rodriguez 
Harvest: May to September 2015, peaking in June and Jul
Elevation:  1300-1600 meters above sea level 
Processing: Full-washed, mechanically and manually dried 
Our current espresso recipe: 18g / 29 sec / 36 g (a TDS about 9.5% which gives an extraction around 19%).  
Flavour description: Mature and sweet cup with notes of pomerans, peaches and almonds.

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