Rodriguez, La Linda, Bolivia

”Working together with Daniella and Pedro we are supporting their program Sol de Mañana, the program is educating the farmers in treatments  and knowledge for leaf rust and general coffee husbandry . This coffee is from Daniella and Pedro's own farm that they have invested in, to show the other growers what they can achieve in quality and simply how to get a higher price for a higher quality.  Growing a coffee like Longberry truly shows how complex and lively a Bolivian coffee can be.” /Joanna Alm, Head roaster 

Caranavi, located  150 kilometres north of La Paz city, it has been noted as the centre of Bolivian coffee production. With the super rich soil combined with high altitudes, it has become the epicentre for coffee production in  Bolivia. 

Given the regions potential to produce unique exotic flavours it really is a hotbed for amazing coffee. Despite it’ s international recognition, Caranavi has neglected its coffee production. A mixture of ageing coffee plantations, reducing yields and leaf rust, combined with a high pressure towards coca cultivation has meant the coffee has been in decline. With coca being 4 times more profitable and with less growing issues, it has meant many producers have abandoned coffee production in favour of this lucrative crop.  

To try to save specialty coffee in Caranavi, our exporters Daniela and Pedro Roudriguez have started the project Sol de Manana. They have been sourcing coffee from small coffee producers in the region for three decades. However this steady decline of coffee production has not only put at risk the sustainability of there export business, but the future of coffee production in Bolivia is at risk of disappearing forever.  

They assumed the challenge of boosting the production and support the Bolivian coffee growing by the planting of new coffee plantations under a sustainable model based in three pillars.

Economical, Social and Environmental; Sol de Manana. In this project La Linda was the very first and perhaps most important farm. Besides Caturra and Typica,  they are here growing new exotic varieties to plant in its farms and implement new processes post-harvest. This one is a very unique example of them being the Longberry varietal. This one amazed us with a white sugary like sweetness, elegance and floral notes. This coffee is one of the four coffees we’re buying from Daniella and Pedro this year. This being the smaller lot we only have 140 kilo’s, a true nano lot.  


Producer:  Daniella and Pedro Rodriguez
Location: Collasuyo, Caranavi, Bolivia 
Varietal: Longberry
Picking Date: July 2015
Elevation: 1650 masl
Processing: Full-washed
Flavour description: Notes of mature apricot in aroma. Elegant with light-medium body. Reminisces of white floral, cherry pulp and plums. 

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