Midsommarkaffe - Wote+Tegu

 It's time to celebrate the swedish summer, light and great local seasonal food. We at Drop Coffee knows the importants of good coffee after a long meal. 

Thats why we offer a package of two of our coffees with most summer, light and freshness in the cup. Tegu AA, Kenya and Wote, Ethiopia. 

Tegu is one of our favorites from the famous coffee region Nyeri in Kenya this year. The coffee is a result of an amazing agronomical control and craft from tree to dried bean. The coffee is hand picked on small farms and delivered to the washingstation of Tegu. This year the cup has an amazing creamy rubarb acidity and berry sweetness. 

Wote comes from a beautiful valley just a couple of minutes outside the town of Yirgacheffe in the blessed coffee region with the same name in south Ethiopia. Hundred of farmers pick their coffee in the morning and sells it to mr Mergya at his washingstation. There the coffee is washed, slowly fermented in water and hand sorted while drying on raised beds. The coffee is ful of citric, both in acidity and sweetness with a long aftertaste of dark chocolate. 

Buy the coffee before midsummer on friday to get this great and limited summer offer. Order before 15.00 on wednesday the 19th to get the coffee on thursday. 

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Our roastery is located in Rosersbergs Industrial Area, a five-minute drive from Rosersberg train station. We have been roasting all our coffee on our turquoise 25 kilos Diedrich, since 2013.