Kigoma, Rwanda

"Coffees from Rwanda are unique in due to the tart lingonberry characteristics that we find in the cup and really stand out compared to any other other coffee producing region. When first buying coffee from this area three years ago, we were so amazed by the clean taste profile and cranberry bitterness that our barista Linnea decided to compete with the coffee ”Epiphany Muhirwa” in barista cup, where she used the coffees natural bitterness to replicate the quinine from tonic water in her signature beverage." Joanna Alm, Drop Coffee 

In Rwanda 30% of coffee produced is fully washed and exported, the remaining 70% is processed directly on the farm and sold locally. In the Kigoma region in southern Rwanda, our Norwegian raw coffee sourcer Nordic Approach work with about 1000 farmers towards the goal of producing the best coffee in the country. Together they are working for a more sustainable and profitable coffee production. Last year we roasted a coffee from the same project, ”Motherland Farmers ”from the neighbouring village to Kigoma, Kamiro.

Facts Location: Kigoma, Nyamagabe
Washing Station: Motherland Farmers
Varietal: Local heirloom, mainly Bourbon
Elevation: 1700 - 2000 masl
Soil: Deep, rich volcanic soil
Processing: Pulped and wet-fermented, graded in washing channels, soaked in water and sundried.
Harvest: April-May 2015 
Our current espresso recipe for Kigoma: 18g / 28 sec / 36 g (a TDS 9.5%, extraction around 19%)
Character: Juicy cup with notes of cranberry, lingonberry and cacao butter. Bright long finish.

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Our roastery is located in Rosersbergs Industrial Area, a five-minute drive from Rosersberg train station. We have been roasting all our coffee on our turquoise 25 kilos Diedrich, since 2013.