El Salvador La Divina

We have now gotten a new coffee from El Salvador, La Divina Providencia lot number two. The coffee is a good example of how a coffee producer with great knowledge together with the correct harvesting conditions makes an extraordinary coffee. The producer, Roberto Ulloa, is working innovatively in the production of the coffee. His farm, La Divina, is situated in Palo Campana in the Santa Ana region, known for having harvesting conditions leading to a more intensive taste with higher acidity than the other regions of El Salvador. Old Bourbon trees grow on the farm with rough trunks; in addition to these, there has since generations ago been growing trees which in Santa Ana is locally called “Kenya-type” trees. The soil, the weather conditions and the unique varieties in harmony with the harvesting process gives an unusually exciting cup of coffee coming from Central America.

The pickers in La Divina are well-trained and pick only ripe berries. This year, the farm and Nordic Apporach have cooperated to get even more selection on the sorting of the different and also experimented with different washing and fermenting methods. We fell for the coffee from lot number 2, which comes from the later period of the harvesting period. The berries are sorted by hand before they are sent to the washing station Las Lajas in the afternoon. The coffee is then fermented at Las Lajas for six to eight hours before they are washed and once again sorted, this time according to density. The coffee is then sundried on a patio made of clay for 8-12 days.

The coffee has a sweet aroma, filled with red berries and florals. It has great intensity with a juicy yet soft mouth feel. In the taste we can find red apples, vanilla and grapes.

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