Didio Ordoñes, Colombia

Linnéas competition coffee for the World Barista Championship 2015!

This coffee comes from a close collaboration between och green-coffee supplier Nordic Approach and Colombian coffee exporter Cocentral, an organisation dedicated to completely transparent and sustainable business. The project was started with the goal of raising the income and living standards of local coffee farmers, whilst delivering a more traceable and high quality product. Together Nordic Approach and Cocentral and chosen to support farmers based of a set criteria, such as altitude, coffee variety and processing. These producers are then supported economically through investments and through sharing knowledge so that they may demand a high price the the quality of their harvest. So far a total of 70 farms are included in the project, with room for expansion, Didio Ordoñes is one of these producers

The project in Colombia has even led to greater transparency for us now that coffee from individual farms is processed separately and sold as individual lots, allowing us to more closely see how each producers hard work has paid off in terms of taste in the final cup.

Producer: Didio Ordoñes

Variety: Caturra

Region: Huila

Harvest: November 2014

Altitude: 1700 masl

Process: Cherries are handpicked, then fermented overnight, 12 to 16 hours. The next day the coffee is washed, whilst floaters and damaged cherries are removed in the process. Before being sent for drying the coffees are rinsed in clean water. At the drying station the coffee is being dried on small patios or in ventilated parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain. Growers hand sort impurities and light beans.

Green coffee sourcer: Nordic Approach

Cupping notes: Tropical fruit notes such as mango and orange backed up med a full sweetness and juicy mouthfeel, give a juicy yet complex cup with lively magic acidity

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