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  • Debello, Limu, Ethiopia

    In Ethiopia no less than 1,1 million small producers represent 95% of the country’s coffee production. This coffee is a result of Technoserve’s long-term substainable project with small farms. In Limu, in the western part of Ethiopia, they have built up a cooperative and washing-station called Debello, who process coffee from about 500 farmers in the area.

    Since Technoserve started working in the area coffee has been washed-processed witch increased the quality of many coffees. At Debello coffee is sorted by harvest date and is processed very carefully. All of the famers that are members of the cooperative and deliver their cherrys to the process-station recieve an second payment based on the high quality of their coffee.

    Flavour notes: Aroma of white tea and red dried berries. High sweetness and a pointed acidity profile. Flavours of litchi, red sweet berries and lime. Elegant mouthfeel with nice intensity and juiciness. 

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