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  • Buesaco ML3, Narino, Colombia


    We’re very excited to have a coffee from Nariño, the far-out west part of Colombia, this year and hopefully many years from further. Located on the bordering to Ecuador, this is one of the most challenging regions for trading coffee but also most interesting places to work. There is extremely high elevation, very high altitudes with very steep hillsides, and mainly very small scaled producers in remote areas. 

    In the region Nariño, the farmers frequently delivers really small amounts of parchment as soon as they have their small daily or weekly harvest ready. This micro lot is a blend of two different lots from the same farmer. Those two lots are selected and combined based on cup profile and its high scoring. 

    Through our green coffee buyers  and Growers Association a premium is paid back to the growers for delivering higher quality. Growers Association is a young organization that cooperates with quality driven farmers. They are in the town of Buesaco where there are plenty of similar private and Cooperative buyers, but none of them as far as we know are cupping and keeping the lots separated in the same way as Growers Association.

    Farmer: Rodrigo Viveros

    Varietals: Caturra and Castillo

    Region: Buesaco, Nariño

    Lot: Microlot #3

    Picked: May-June 2014

    Altitude: 1900 masl

    Process: Cherries are handpicked, then fermented overnight, 12 to 16 hours. The next day the coffee is washed, floaters snd damaged cherries are being removed in the process. Before being sent to the drying the coffees are rinsed in clean water. At the drying station the coffee is being dried on small patios or in ventilated parabolic dryers to cover it from the rain. Growers hand sort impurities and light beans.

    Green coffee sourcer: Nordic Approach

    Cupping notes: Mature character with medium body. Flavours of hibiskus and raspberry. Lingering sweet aftertaste.

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