New Cups, Drop Coffee x Erika Petersdotter

Drop Coffee has a new cooperation with the ceramicist Erika Petersdotter. We will serve our coffee in these cups from February 2024 at our café. 

Drop Coffee Cups

Erika's smallscale ceramic studio is around the corner from the café and we have bought many cups at hers over the last few years. I have been thinking about doing cups since 2016, but the last experience of having thin hand made Swedish china (from Gustavsberg) was an expensive experience in our busy café (they did crack very easy), it has taken me a while to get back on my wish of how to serve our coffee. I am really happy to put some coffee cups with a soul and purpose into the café to our coffee guests. 

These cups me (Joanna) and Erika Petersdotter have been working on these for the last half year, with their roots in the multi-sensory perception of flavour, which is the research on how one experiancesflavour is impacted by shape, materials, weight and colour from the things we drink our coffee from. 

Coffee Cups Drop Coffee
Our filter coffee is bright and juicy, and to enhance these attributes we have made a thinner tulip-shaped cup that will give a delicate impression of the coffee and open up the aroma more with this shape. The cup is pink to uplift the fruity and berry-like flavours in the coffee.  

Espresso Cup Drop Coffee
The espresso cups have taken a full circle journey in the last decade at Drop. I remember how upsetting I found it that espresso being served in tiny cups where you can’t feel the aroma, through the nose, just the taste on the pallet and most of the potential flavour is gone. Another reason we removed espresso cups was as a statement that crema is only the bad and heavy flavours in the coffee, and with a coffee as lightly roasted as ours, it would never sit together. The second may be true, but as a result of not being able to remove crema (e.g. with a stainer) on the busy café set-up we have at Drop, I do still find it looking better in a smaller shaped cup. This is a smaller-shaped cup, but you still can get your nose into it. The espresso cup has a silky texture on the outside and will set similar expectations of the mouthfeel of the coffee. We never roast different, longer or darker for espresso. and for this, the cups are light-purple in colour to open up for a fruity espresso experience. 

Cappuccino Cups Drop Coffee
Lastly, we have a rounded terracotta red cappuccino cup witch just like the beverage will be sweet and round, but you will feel the liveliness and fruitiness in the coffee throughout. Half of the batch of the cups has dots, to symbolise the liveliness and playfulness in coffee. 

As the cups are hand made they will differ in size and shape. We serve all coffees we currently have on brew on-demand filter coffee, and we rotate the espresso between all of our coffees. I hope you will like the coffee experience at Drop Coffee!



Photography by our Drop's Jack Kelsall. 

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