Drop Coffee's New Logo

New season, new look! It’s finally spring and this year marks Drop Coffee’s 15th anniversary, so we’re celebrating with a fresh take on our logo.

It’s no secret that we’re all about promoting the absolute best in coffee. Through exceptional flavour, quality, and transparency, our ultimate goal is to ensure a more equitable and sustainable future for coffee producers and labourers throughout the world. We also aim to stay true to our Swedish heritage and culture, which values simplicity, honesty, and craftsmanship. 

To commemorate and communicate our personal mix of past, present and future, we enlisted our very talented friend, Simon Ålander, to design a new artistic representation of us through both symbol and text. Having created our first logo over ten years ago, Simon is a longtime Drop collaborator who knows us and our journey first-hand. We couldn’t ask for a better partner, nor a better final outcome.

Our managing director, Joanna Alm Leighton, was born and raised in Dalarna, a region in central Sweden famous for its traditional folk art style, “kurbits.” So naturally, this was a huge inspiration for the symbol’s soft, organic shape: an abstract coffee plant with two wings forming its guardian angel, ensuring abundance and quality in every harvest, balanced firmly on its baseline. At its centre is a heart, representing our love and relentless passion for flavour, community, and all of the wonderful people who make us us. 

Drop Coffee

Equally expressive is the text below it, which is hand drawn by Simon, and pays homage to the classic typography found on signs and machinery in old factories and glassworks throughout Sweden. As a whole, it’s stable and pronounced, without taking up more space than needed, while the letters themselves are carefully constructed to be clear and timeless in small and large formats alike.

2024 will be a transformational year for us in many ways and we warmly welcome all of you to join us in celebrating this important moment in Drop Coffee's history. Posters, totes, and other merch with our new graphics will soon be available online and in our café. Stay tuned!

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Vårt rosteri ligger i Rosersberg, 5 minuters bilfärd från Rosersbergs station. Vi har rostat allt fårt kaffe på vår turkosa Diedrich 25kilosrost, sen 2013.