Drop Coffee Sustainability Report 2022

This is Drop Coffee's second annual Sustainability Report, covering our whole business; import, roastery and café. Every previous year, we have release a price transparency report, this is from now on included in the annual sustainability report.

Sustainability for Drop Coffee means evaluating our situations every day and making conscious decisions based on the effect our actions have on the planet, the people involved, and the profit of the businesses.

Sustainability also means using the resources available to us to do our core business, source and roast delicious coffee, in a way that will preserve the resources for the next generations, and not take away from the opportunities of the next generations. Sustainability is an ongoing journey and here is where Drop Coffee was in 2022. Here is a few examples included in this years report: 

  • Last year we made in our cafe in total of 61741 coffees. Of all drinks sold, 50% of them were black coffees and of all of the espresso based coffee drinks, 20% of them were made with oat milk. 
  • Our business travels, staff commute to work and electricity we source are all part of our greenhouse gas emissions as a business. We took 0 flights in 2022 (reduced flights compared to 2021) and drove our roastery petrol van for 5700km. Our staff commutes to work by car, public transport, bikes and walking. We source 100% renewable electricity consisting of wind (25% ), sun (18%) and water (57%) energy. 
  • Our average time of coffee producing partner relationships is 6.7 years. Our longest relationship is with Hunkute from Ethiopia, for 12 year and our shortest purchasing relationships with 1 year of collaboration are with Sin Limitas from Costa Rica as well as with Remera and Ubumwe washing stations from Rwanda.

Hållbarhet Drop Coffee
Again like so many years before, we are happy to show you the prices we pay for our coffee lots to our producing partners on our newest sustainability report. There you can see the details of all the lots we purchased in 2022, El Salvador being the origin we source by far the most of our coffees from. We see that it is important for a roasting company, like any organisation, to transparent of its practices, materials or services they purchase as well as other social and governmental indicators. 

Read the Drop Coffee's 2022 Sustainability Report here. 



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