Drop Coffee Advent Calendar 2023

It is time to start the pre-orders on this year's Advent Calendar! The calendar contains 24 individual different coffees, one brew (35 grams of coffee) per day, every day until Christmas. Join us in this winter journey through the full range of Drop Coffee's catalogue, with everything from high acidity, funky fruitiness and smooth chocolatey coffees. 

The calendar is being sent to print now. It is pre-sale only, with start today until we run out. There is a strictly limited amount, so go on to our webshop to secure your calendar today. 

 Drop Coffee Christmas

The calendar will be similar to last year, with 24 individual coffees of 35 grams per day. As inspiration, we have tried to picture a crisp morning walk in the Dalarna region of Sweden. Or graphic designer Simon describes it further, “You pass a Falu-red old house and feel the smell from the open fire, and your cheeks are cold from the long winter walk. As you come home, you hang your socks on the back of the kitchen sofa and now it is finally time to brew today's coffee from the Drop Coffee Advent Calendar.

The calendars will start to ship 20th of November. 

For any questions on your order, please contact our roastery directly at info@dropcoffee.se .

Team Drop Coffee 


Drop Coffee Advent Christmas

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Vårt rosteri ligger i Rosersberg, 5 minuters bilfärd från Rosersbergs station. Vi har rostat allt fårt kaffe på vår turkosa Diedrich 25kilosrost, sen 2013.