Adola EXTRA - donate to the Adola School

At Adola, Israel Degfa has built a primary school for the local community, through his NGO focusing on sustainability projects in Ethiopia. Over the last couple of years, Drop Coffee has founded the furnishing and schoolbook for the pupils.

This year, we are giving you the opportunity to donate to the Adola school when you are purchasing the coffee.

The coffee you receive is the exact same coffee as the Adola Natural Ethiopia we have online. For the Adola EXTRA, you pay 20 SEK more per box. And a total of 30 SEK of each 250g product purchased off the Adola EXTRA will go straight to the Adola school.

It is approximately 150 pupils going to the Adola primary school and there are many books. consumables and more that is needed. If you have the possibility, we hope you want to get involved and purchase the Adola Extra coffee. Read more on the product page.

 Adola School - Drop Coffee

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