An interview with Stephen Leighton

Our part-owner Stephen "Steve" Leighton sat down for an online video interview with Alex, of the Coffeevine. Joanna Alm and Steve are 50/50 part owners of Drop Coffee since 2015, and is today a full family business :) 
Steve shares openly about how him and Joanna met and why he became a co-owner in Drop Coffee in 2015 in the first place, his work as a partner and green coffee buyer at 3fe, the aspect of communication at Tamper Tantrum for the, relatively young, coffee industry and navigating customer on coffee through In My Mug with almost 500 videos and some ideas of how we are thinking of traveling and Co2 for the future.

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Vårt rosteri ligger i Rosersberg, 5 minuters bilfärd från Rosersbergs station. Vi har rostat allt fårt kaffe på vår turkosa Diedrich 25kilosrost, sen 2013.