• Wote, Washed, Ethiopia

  • 155 kr

  • Description

    Flavour profile: Wote has a tealike and floral aroma. It is bright, with a citric-like acidity and sweetness of dense fruit. Flavour notes of peachbergamot and hints of jasmine. The mouthfeel is light and juicy mouthfeel reminding of peach juice. 
    Colour: Orange
    Washing station name: Wote
    Station manager: Adane
    Owner: Mekuria Mergia
    Farmers: About 600 smallholders in the surrounding areas as well as remote farmers.
    Average lot size of farmers: 1-2 hectares
    Varietal: Wolisho, Kurume, 74110, 74112
    Processing: Washed
    Harvested: December 2020
    Region: Wote, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe
    Altitude: 1800 - 2000 masl
    Roast style: Light to medium to enhance the natural sweetness of the coffee. 
    Brewing method: Suits all, if you like a juicy and bright espresso as we do. For filter coffee, dose 63 gram per liter. 
    Price transparency: The FOB price paid for this coffee was US$ 3,37/lb. 

    We bought this coffee for several years from 2013 and we are very excited to have this characteristic coffee back! Wote was one of the first washing stations I visited in Ethiopia. We visited it for the first time in 2012, which early on contributed to our enormous love for the Yirgacheffe style of coffees. The washing station is a privately owned communal wet mill in this very special area of Yirgacheffe called Wote Konga in Gedeo, who is collecting cherries from various smallholders in the surrounding area. It is bright and tea-like, and one of these taste profiles you will not forget. If you drink it as a cold brew, it is almost like an iced peach tea. 

    About Wote
    The area where this coffee is grown is again in our opinion having some of the most complex and intense coffee flavors in Yirgacheffe. The farmers delivering coffee to Wote washing stations have an average lot size of 1-2 hectares of coffee where an average tree gives about 2-3 kilo of coffee cherries. Many of them have improved varietals and we see a lot of Wolisho, Kurume, 74110, and 74112. It is common that they are using a fully organic fertilizer. 

    Sustainability at Wote 

    Ethiopia is a poor country, producing amazing coffee. The frustration of visiting, and seeing the living standards in terms of access to clean water and electricity, is overwhelming. One of the things we can do as green coffee buyers is to push the prices paid for coffee. 

    The FOB price paid for this coffee was US$ 7.44 per kilo. US$ 3,37/lb. The price paid to the Farmers at Wote for this coffee was 26 ETB/ kg for coffee cherry delivered to the washing station.