• Medardo Guarnizo, Colombia

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    “Nordic Approach have been doing great work in Huila and other areas of Colombia for several years now and have supplied us with delicious coffee whilst supporting local producers and helping to find a market for their unique coffee.” /Joanna Alm, Head roaster 

    This coffee comes for a project being run by our green coffee partners, Nordic Approach, in Tarqui, Huila. Wherein a competition is held yearly for the local producers to showcase their coffee and be able to demand a higher premium. Medardo was one of the ten finalists in this, the competition’s second year. Coffees from Tarqui have a very characteristic taste profile which sticks out from many other coffee producing regions in Colombia due the it’s elegance and vibrancy.

    Last year Tarqui suffered from heavy rain so yields were low which meant that several producers were forced to combine their harvests with others in order to make up volume. One of these lots was El Triumfo which we worked with last year. Fortunately due to better weather conditions this year yields were better and Medardo along with other producers in the area were able to sell their coffee as separate lots such as this one.

    This is one of our two competition coffee for the Nordic Roaster Forum event held in Copenhagen of October this year. An event for Nordic roasters to meet up and taste each other’s coffees in a friendly environment.



    FACTS Producer: Medardo Guarnizo
    Location: Tarqui, Huila
    Varietal: 75% Caturra and 25% Colombia
Picking period: July 2016
    Sourced by: Nordic Approach
    Elevation: 1750 masl
    Processing: Fully washed.
    Drying: The coffee is dried in a parabolic dryer.
    Flavour description: Clean and light bodied coffee with notes of raspberry, lime and cherry. Bright and sparkling with a clear acidity and mellow sweetness.



  • Medardo Guarnizo, Colombia
  • Medardo Guarnizo, Colombia
  • Medardo Guarnizo, Colombia

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