• Full Barista Course

  • 2,000 kr

  • Description

    This is a course for everyone who would like to dive into what it is to be a barista. 

    We will guide you through: 

    - Basics of tasting coffee
    - Extraction and measure TDS
    - Filter coffee brewing, theory and praxis
    - Espresso coffee brewing, theory and praxis
    - Milk foaming and latte art

    You'll learn the basics of tasting coffee, origin of coffee, brewing theory, milk steaming techniques and preparing espresso and filter coffee. Further, you will learn to taste coffee and taste the difference between a good and an excellent cup and see how you present each individual coffee at its best. 

    The course is held at our roastery at Vretenborgsvägen 17 and is approximately 3 hours.


    Saturday the 16th of September 2017 @ 2pm
  • Full Barista Course
  • Full Barista Course

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