• El Sunzita, Washed Red Bourbon, El Salvador

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     El Sunzita is a great example of driven producers that are putting in the extra work to achieve a higher the quality. The owners Mary and Mauricio Ortiz are agronomists and you can truly tell by the way they managing their farm with a belonging flower garden that looks like a portrait. At the farm the Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon have all been separated for us at Drop Coffee and will be available this summer and fall, started off with the Yellow Bourbon (still available) - here's the Red Bourbon. It's a lot more mature cup with a voluptuous mouthfeel and notes of plums and prunes.  

    About the farm El Sunzita 
    The farm belongs to the mountain pitch El Sunza, with a total of 140 hectares of coffee farms, owned by Mauricio's brother. All the coffee from El Sunza are being processed together and so did this also this coffee used to be. Mary and Mauri got handed their current piece of land through Mauricio's family 28th years ago when they got married and started to grow coffee at the plot. 

    Stunning view from El Sunzita
    The gorgeous view of the mountain range from El Sunzita 

    Drop Coffee and El Sunzita
    In 2015, Mary and Mauricio decided wanted to produce the coffee from their farm fully individual. They named their farm as a small bit of El Sunza, El Sunzita and their aim was to process higher quality and sell this individually. We’re now happy to have the coffee from El Sunzita at Drop Coffee for the third year in a row and step by step we’ve been growing the cooperation. Over the last couple of years our cooperation has given us the opportunity to have the varietals separated for us which means that we can offer these separately to you. Also,  the coffees processing has got even better and we have a well-sorted and even beans to roast.

    Mauricio Ortiz and Joanna Alm
    With Mauricio Ortiz at the drying beds at El Sunzita, February 2017

    El Sunzita 2017, Drop Coffee

    The production at El Sunzita 
    On their 16 hectares, they now have a beautiful nursery and a small scale pulper. The altitude of El Sunzita is ”only ”1400 meters above sea level. When leaf rust hit El Sunzita they lost half of the yield. However, this is now under control but they still need to apply some pesticides on some individual trees for this. They have always been trying to work the most organic they can. Mauricio is very concerned about the growing conditions at the farms, working after the three ”S”; The Sun and The Shade by covering the area with the coffee trees with shading trees. sending creating their own fertilizers that are focusing on building stronger roots on the new plants, for two years they've applied biota and are also making fertilisers from the coffee pulp. 

    The future
    This truly is a family business where the grown up daughter and sons are getting more and more involved in the business, Mauricio is managing the farm and Mary is doing the economy and logistics for the business. We’ve been visiting the farm every year since we started working together El Sunzita has improved their highest quality. Today 40% of what El Sunzita produce is still commercial coffee and is being processed as El Sunza, but year by year they are turning more of their volume into the speciality. 

    Visiting Mauricio Ortiz and Mary Ortiz at El Sunzita
    Mauricio Ortiz and Mary Ortiz are always welcoming us in at their home at El Sunzita with open arms and cooking the tastiest El Salvadorian food

    Producer: Mauricio Ortiz and Mary Ortiz 
    Region: El Pasti in the Santa Ana region
    Varietal:  Red Bourbon
    Harvest: February-March 2017
    Elevation: 1400 meters above sea level
    Processing: Full-washed 
    Flavour Description: A mature cup with a voluptuous mouthfeel. Flavor of mature plums and red grape. Finishes with a note of prunes.  

  • El Sunzita, Washed Red Bourbon, El Salvador
  • El Sunzita, Washed Red Bourbon, El Salvador
  • El Sunzita, Washed Red Bourbon, El Salvador

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