• Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia

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    I'm sorry Owe"Ethiopian coffee has my

    wloo taste profile and is also my favourite origin to visit. However, it’s tricky to buy coffee from responsibly so we have chosen to work closely with green coffee o Nordic Approach in order to ensure that the money makes it's way to the farmers and that all business is done sustainably. Bifdu Gudina is a coffee that I’ve been amazed by for many years based on its unique taste profile. Upon visiting the co-operative in December 2015, I was happy to hear that all the payments had been received in good time and that the cooperative are working in order to give female coffee producers more say” /Joanna Alm, Head roaster 

    Manager Bytantoro Buona at Biftu Gudina site 1. 

    Biftu Gudina is a fairly new cooperative and was only established in 2012. Their first site is located in an area which is starting to become known for its quality and its unique flavor profile. The management are strong, and have succeeded in maintain a high quality of production each year. A lot of the coffee is grown above 2000 meters over sea level so the cooperative have now built a second site at the same altitude, with the goal of producing 4,5 containers in total. This would be a vast improvement from the 2,5 containers produced in total last year.

    This coffee is the result of a sustainable Technoserve project based on transparency and increased cup quality. Technoserve are supporting the farmers in setting up washing stations and new cooperative structures. This project has revealed a great new range of coffee flavours not found elsewhere. The project's success can be measured in the value and quality of the coffee being produced as well as the increased income of the farmers the farmers. All cooperative members qualify for second payment. 


    Producer: Biftu Gudina Cooperative
    Location: Agaro, Ethiopia 
    Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom Varieties 
    Harvest: November 2015
    Elevation:  2000 masl
    Processing: Fully washed 
    Our current espresso recipe: 18g / 29 sec / 36 g (a TDS about 9.5% which gives an extraction around 19%).  
    Flavour description: Juicy with notes of mandarine zest, white tea and roses.  

  • Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia
  • Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia
  • Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia
  • Biftu Gudina, Ethiopia

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