• Limoncillo Washed, Nicaragua

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  • Description

    About the coffee
    Flavour profile:
    This coffee makes a sweet and steady cup with a medium mouthfeel. Strong notes of toffee, with roasted hazelnuts and a hint of milk chocolate and a lingering finish of cacao nibs.
    Category: Comfortable 
    Dr. Erwin Mierisch with family 
    Finca Limoncillo 
    Varietal: Caturra
    Process: Washed
    Municipality: Yasica Norte in the Matagalpa region 
    Harvested: January 2020
    Altitude: 1200 meters above sea level
    Farm size: 171 manzanas of which 109 hectares is growing coffee
    Roast level: The coffee is roasted to a light to medium level, to enhance the natural sweetness in the coffee. 

    This is a coffee that goes into the category we call comfortable. It is just a steady, really good coffee, chocolatey and round. So if you do not feel for any high acidity, fruity coffee and just want to go safe - this is your pick! It will still be roasted to a light to medium roast level, so remember to use a temperate between 93-96 degrees when you brew it.

    About the farm Limoncillo
    Finca Limoncillo is located in Matagalpa, beautifully situated with nine waterfalls within the farm. With 109 hectares of coffee trees, Limoncillo is a huge farm in comparison to the other coffees we buy from Central America, that are all about 5-10 hectare.

    The coffee is washed and separated by density directly at the farm, which is common practice in Nicaragua before it is taken by truck to the family-owned process station. At the processing station the coffee is de-pulped (beans removed from the coffee cherry), fermented overnight and dried on raised beds.

    The Mierisch family is doing a lot of work in Nicaragua and Honduras. They produce a lot of coffee and they do so in a very responsible way. On the impacts reports we do during our visits to farms, they tick all of the boxes, from social projects, how to treat materials to discrimination policies.

    The Mierisch family has become good friends of ours, and also well-respected producers in Nicaragua. They’re known for their experimental processing, varietal work, and exceptional coffee. Las Delicias, that we also buy, is produced by one of the daughters, Eleane Mierisch individually.

    About Sustainability at Limoncillo
    The Mierisch family are very active in social projects around the farms. They have a full-time kitchen staff on-site, to make breakfast and lunch every day, with 1000 tortillas going out per day. They have also built daycare centres and schools for their worker's children, located at the farms. Children helping their families at the farms is common in Nicaragua, but instead, they are asked to go to the school or leave the kids at the daycare as they are working. The workers are also offered help with family planning and medical advice from specialized staff. 

    • The employers pay their staff 30% more than what is typical minimum wage, as well as:
    • Provide free housing for 60 families on their farms
    • Provide free electricity and running water for their homes
    • Provide free food for all workers
    • Have free daycare facilities for families to use
    • Provide free health care facilities on the farms
    • Employee on-site teachers who educate their staff and teach other skills such as pottery and weaving. The goal is to help staff diversify their skills. The teachers are also paid twice the wages they would receive in the cities.

    The FOB prices for this coffee is 2.2 USD per pound.