• Don Mayo, Yellow Honey Cauaí, Costa Rica

  • 135 kr

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    Flavour description: This is a well-structured cup with a caramel-like aroma. Flavour notes of orange peel and single cream and medium red grape acidity. It is medium-bodied with an almost silky mouthfeel.
    Colour: Orange
    Héctor Bonilla Cruz
    Location: Leon Cortes in Terrazu
    Farm Name:
    La Loma (next door to the Don Mayo mill)
    Varietal: Catuaí 
    Harvest: February 2021
    Processing: Yellow Honey, which means that about 50% of the mucilage is left on the coffee cherry as it drys. 
    Roast: A fairly long profile landing in light to medium roast level. Roasted to present the natural characteristics of the coffee.
    Price transparency: The FOB price paid for this coffee was 3$ /lb.

    We love coffee from Costa Rica. This coffee is close to the farm La Pira in Terrazu that we also buy from. This is a farm we have visited many times, but a new one for you. There is a lot of details to keep track of here. Don Mayo is the name of the process station and La Loma is the farm next door to it and  Héctor Bonilla Cruz is the producer behind it. 

    Don Mayo won the 2020 Cup Of Excellence with a coffee from La Loma, not with this coffee though, but the Gesha from here. The producer Héctor Bonilla Cruz and his family are the model mill and farm every producer all over the world. Héctor has five decades of experience in coffee production and has passed this on to his entire family. Their team approach and dedication to quality is truly impressive. 

    About Héctor Bonilla Cruz and the mill Don Mayo
    Héctor started with coffee at a very young age. At 14 years old he planted a small number of coffee plants on a small lot that his family owned. he kept it small because he had no intention to transport the harvest. He delivered it by hand to large cooperatives. Over the next six years, he increased the number of plants and was able to alternate his work with study for a nursing degree. He would work during the day and study during the night. Hector combined the nursing and coffee up until he was 37 years old, working at a managing position at Llano Bonito RL Coffee Growers Cooperative. When he saved enough money to dedicate full time to coffee and decided solely to growing his coffee plantations and increasing his professionalism. In 2004, he started his own project, Don Mayo. It was a micro mill where he could process his own coffee and use the skills he learnt to secure the family's future. Only four years later, he came 3rd in the Costa Rican Cup of Excellence and bettered that in 2009 by being the overall winner. After that, his daughter won the Costa Rica Barista Championship, twice. Don Mayo also won the 2020 Cup Of Excellence with a coffee from La Loma, not with this coffee though, but the Gesha from here. 

    Héctor finds the climatic variations and the phytosanitary diseases the biggest challenges in coffee. To him, meeting roasters that buy his coffee is the most awarding moment and also helps to market the coffee, get more money for the product and pay the workers more. 

    The limit to water is also a barrier. The coffee cherries are yellow honey, which means it is processed without water. About 50% of the mucilage is left on the coffee cherry as it is dried. 

    As an action towards the coffee price crisis, we are sharing the FOB price on all coffees we buy. The Yellow Honey Cauaí from Don Mayo was 3$/lb.